Daily Log

Day 1 (4/12)

Food - 1200 calories

10 min elliptical (1 mile)
10 min treadmill (DON'T LAUGH: run .5 miles, walk a few minutes)
10 min bike (3.6ish miles)

upper body weights
curls (8x3x10lb)
upright rows (8x3x15)
bench press (8x3x30) (just call me Ahhhnold)
lat pull down (8x3x50)
shoulder press (8x3x5)

Day 2 (4/13)

Food - 1289 calories

14 min elliptical (my ipod died, this was all i could muster)
16 min bike

core, minus incline situps (because someone was using the bench and it was getting late)

3-way sit ups (8x3)
bicycles (24x3)
hanging leg lifts (8x3)
back extensions (8x3x20 lb)

Day 3 (4/14)

Food - 1100-1200 calories (don't have the exact number yet)

No workout. :( No time during the day, then spent my evening making baby food.

Day 4 (4/15)

Food - 1245

Exercise - 30 solid minutes on the elliptical, 3 miles.

I think Fit Day is estimating a bit high, but I'll just go with it.

Day 5 (4/16)
Food - 1249

Workout - 20 easy minutes on the bike

full body weights:

curls (10)
upright rows (15)
bench press (30)
lat pull down (50)
shoulder press (5)

hanging leg lifts
incline sit ups (1st level)
[skipped back extensions, my knees felt wonky]

squats (30)
calf raises (150?)
reverse lunges

Day 6 (4/17)

No workout (rest day + too busy)

Food - not so good: Blueberry muffin for breakfast, then went to a birthday party in the afternoon where I grazed on snacks, then had lasagna and birthday cake, which took care of lunch and dinner.

Day 7 (4/18)
No workout, food OK, not great

Day 8 (4/19)
30 good minutes on the elliptical, about 1200 calories

curls (12lb)
upright rows (15)
bench press (40)
shoulder press (8)
lat pull down (50)

The lat pull down machine is broken - if you set it to 60, you get 80. argh. Glad I figured it out though, I was feeling quite wimpy.

Day 9 (4/20)
10 elliptical
run 1 mile
walk out the rest of 30 minutes

eating in check

Day 10 (4/21)
20 min elliptical (cut short b/c I managed to forget my headphones for the pod)

lunges (30 each)
reverse lunges (20 each)
calf raise (150)
squats (40)

hanging leg lifts
incline sit ups

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